Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"TWD Weird-O of the Week"

It's that time, again folks! That's right, it's time for "TWD Weird-O of the Week"! This edition had so many contestants that it was almost overwhelming, but I was able to snatch from the sea of nauseating self-proclaimed super-nuts a bona fide outstanding achiever!

So, without further delay, this weeks winner is.....

Melody Lynch, 32, of Saucier, Mississippi!

Congratulations, Melody! The pure craziness in your endeavor to find "your man", Norman Reedus, was unmatched this week!

I will admit that the competition was tough as several people had been arrested and/or caught destroying /trespassing on private property once used by TWD; but only Melody had the pure, true TWD fan-desire to not only try & track down Norman Reedus, but also involve her family, her children, commit a burglary and be sent to a mental health facility all within one single trip to the area!

Again, congratulations, Melody and we hope you get better soon.

Until next time, so long and get ready for another episode of "TWD Weird-O of the Week"! I'm sure they'll be plenty!

Source:  article written by Kristen B. Reed  @KristenBReed (Twitter)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goodbye Woodbury? A short update & speculations.

Hello everyone!

As we all know by now, yesterday (7-16-2013) was a location filming day in downtown Senoia, Georgia. So far, for season 4, this is the only time that downtown Senoia has been used.

Here are some things I can relay to you all regarding the filming.

Over the weekend prior, crew members were loading propane cylinders, trimming trees and generally prepping the area. This lasted until Monday. The propane, most likely, was for use by the crews pyro-technicians for flame/fire effects. I know this, as I was told the week prior that there was to be a scene where (possibly the Governor, but unconfirmed) was going to drive a vehicle through the gates and into the Woodbury Town Hall, resulting in an explosion. The propane, coupled with what was observable during the shooting (which wasn't much) seems to confirm this as a reasonably believable scenario. No great explosion was heard (smoke & a poof), but that stands to reason as to explode that set where it stood would pose great damages to both the Masonic Hall & Fox Hollow buildings. Most likely, it'll be enhanced through the normal CGI additions and possible large-scale model demolition.

After filming, the "Woodbury Town Hall" sign had been removed and the faux-Hall was completely covered in tarps to prevent viewing.

Anyway, I'm hearing some neat things for the near future and hopefully, some information that might help fill in the gaps of what has already been observed to help put together a more clarified understanding of what they're filming.


Stay tuned- Nash

Saturday, July 13, 2013

How TWD will jump the shark? Fences....

NOTE: I am no expert in television production. I am a fan with a little knowledge and a helluva lot of questions! Make no mistake, I am a fan of TWD.

                                                HOW TWD WILL JUMP THE SHARK

Oh fandom, you are a cruel (and double bladed) mistress! Hey, we all know TWD is riding high on popularity and ratings, but a fair question to ask is: "For how long?"

I know, I know- execs have been oft-quoted as saying ten years or more, however there are many factors to consider the series lifespan. Let's take a genuine look at some of the factors that may influence it's longevity.

 No TV show lasts forever. That's a proven fact. The reality is that TWD does, indeed, have a shelf life to an audience. Notice I said "to an audience" and not "to it's audience". There is a difference, ya know and I intend to explore the effect of TWD's fan-base on the show itself. More on that later.

It's a generally accepted rule of thumb that a TV series usually runs it's course over a span of roughly 7 seasons. The factors that determine this are numerous; budget, failing creativity, actors ambitions,  audience retention, syndication possibilities, etc. It's not an absolute number, but 7 is the magic number where torque & horsepower are equal and there can be no improvement. That didn't stop "Bonanza", "M.A.S.H" or "The Simpson's", did it? However, TWD has a couple of things against it in regards to budget, audience retention and syndication possibilities. It's a whole different animal when compared to the other long-running series that were just mentioned.

Budget: It's been the source of some problems since season 1! This, mostly likely is the least possible reason for TWD to not make a long haul. However, the budgets have been cut every season (according to my research) to some degree. This could be simply allocation of budgetary necessities, depending upon the arc of the seasons and script requirements. I mean Season 1 was epic in scope with tons of CGI, while season 2 was more character oriented- season 3 seemed to have a slight mixture of both. Location shooting is costly, very costly. Time is money out on a location. If the writers are constrained by budget, then the stories aren't interesting enough which ceases to keep audiences tuned in and eventually you have walking dead with dried oatmeal & ketchup as make-up. (Lucio Fulci, anyone?)

 Failing creativity is a more potent enemy to the series. I mean realistically, the series is a Romero movie with recurring characters. The premise is not new, nor are the predicaments the characters face. The zombie genre has been done, re-done, re-imagined, re-made, re-booted and basically used up- unless the creative team can keep things evolving, without totally re-tooling the premise of the zombies themselves in the TWD context- which is established. The characters are going to come and go as we have seen, so what is the focus of the series in the long run? The introduction of new characters just for fodder is too predictable (Star Trek's red shirts are a prime example) and the continual killing off of major characters will alienate the audience and severely limit creative possibilities. How many situations can each character be placed in that has not been already demonstrated with another character? How many variations can the writers creatively write before it becomes old-hat, just a different face? Character interactions are a major plus for the series, but the fan base is not ready for a soap opera that is based in the zombie apocalypse. The audience is polarized right now- all one has to do is look at social media sites and watch the feeds daily to get the feel of it. The core group are horror fans, specifically living dead sub-genre fans, and they like action and blood. The audience wants blood and that is it's next weakness: syndication possibilities.

 If TWD was ever sold into syndication, exactly how would the episodes be edited for content; would that effect it's audience retention? Who wants to see a watered down version of something that the fans themselves already consider to be watered down? Syndication is an option (The Sopranos, anyone?), but look at the result of such cuts- a pale image of the original. This could broaden the fan-base, but the demographics would be radically different due to it's compromised content.

Audience retention could be a big factor as well. If Daryl Dixon dies, they have alienated a complete section of it's audience: women. If Rick is killed, who is the focus of the series? Audiences will only watch if there is something interesting to watch. Audiences are made of up individual people who, in turn, can be grouped into demographics, which means advertising sales. Can TWD creatively juggle the killing of main characters within the demographics to continually provide advertisers with their target audience? It's all about the numbers, folks.

The actors individual ambitions are also a factor here. Do you expect Andrew Lincoln to really want to play Rick Grimes for 20 years? Hell no! There's other things he wants to do and that will play a part in the series longevity as well. The same goes for every series regular on the show. No matter what we, the audience wants, it's ultimately up to the individual actor (and the money being offered) to decide whether or not he/she wishes to continue working on a series portraying the same character. If there's character development, an actor will generally stay; but how in the hell can you develop characters in the long run in the TWD premise? It's not possible, they may be around for a while, but they can't stay forever.

All of this leads back to two things: budget & fan-base. The fan base is becoming distinctly polarized.
I'm quite sure that the production of TWD will not remain in the Senoia, Georgia area for too much longer. They may continue to use Raleigh Studios there, but they also have studios in Hollywood, Playa Vista, Baton Rouge, etc. The Senoia areas are becoming flooded by TWD tourism that is a great thing for the local economy, but it's becoming a huge problem with private property owners who are being burglarized, stolen from, property damaged, etc by rabid fans. At every location, TWD crew have crowds watching them film, prying eyes in every directions, this can hamper location choices immensely. So, they look for new locations. The word on the street is after this season TWD production may move further east towards Savannah or Augusta. That's just rumor, who really knows what will happen?

The fan base is also responsible (not as a whole, but in a factionary component) for changes in the production itself. Raleigh Studios are having problems with trespassers & property damage, so up go the fences.(People are being arrested!) Now, location crews are becoming more & more strict regarding security. As before, property owners of prior locations are being violated in both material goods and property damages- so up go the new fences. This small faction is cutting the collective throats of the full fan base! The production, without willing local property owners, will have to go elsewhere to find suitable locations. How much do you think property owners are willing to put up with? The production as well, how much do you think they will put up with in regards to certain fan actions that will ultimately cost THEM money. They want to make it, not lose it.

Really, how long do you think this cyclical spiral will last before it implodes?

Here's the irony: just like the fictional universe it portrays- the tv show has to put up fences to keep out the hordes and keep on the move to survive.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

TWD Filming Update: 7/10/13

Hi Everyone!

Today, I decided to go out to the filming location located in Turin, Georgia (a small town just west of Senoia) to see what was up - despite awful weather.

A couple of us local fans gathered near base camp and was, as usual, instructed by security that there would be no pictures allowed and they kept a close eye on us as well. (A big 'Thank You' to those fans who think they can do whatever they want to that has basically caused security to tighten.)

Anyway, I was able to see several hero zombies being made up and costumed by Mrs.Womble under a tent near base camp. Very cool looking ones, too. After enduring a heavy thunderstorm, soaking wet (we forgot our umbrellas), Greg Nicotero paid a short visit to the small group of fans who had waited patiently in the rain!

See video here:

There were several observances I think are important to note. We saw the stunt double (we assume) for David Morrissey's Governor character. Dressed as him, wearing a wig. Further, Martinez (actor Jose Pablo Cantillo) and Bowman (actor Travis Love) were also on set as well. Here's a cool kicker: earlier in the day a car drove onto set (nobody else was paying attention), I told my sister "Hey! That was Daniel Thomas May (Allen)." Now, a couple hours later- he drives back out and I get a real hard look at him- it was May. I recently saw him on a recent episode of "Your Pretty Face is Going To Hell" on [adult swim], and I feel confident in my identification of him. Now, whether he was there for filming or just visiting (he lives close) is anyone's guess.

We also saw them preparing clothes in the wardrobe that appeared to be the Governors shirts. Morrissey has been spotted in the area and that's been pretty much established and common knowledge among the local fan group- no surprises there.

Other, notables (and pure speculation on my part): We saw a young, white female actress kinda dressed like Penny, a 'normal' Penny- not undead (many of us thought anyway). Maybe it was nothing, maybe it was something related- who knows? She was on set and part of what was going on- that much was clear. The best part, was watching the (estimated) 30 + hero walkers parade right in front of us to the wardrobe department! Man, that was an awesome sight! These walkers looked more aggressive to me (their orbital sockets seemed more pronounced and had an almost "angry" expression to the bony protrusions.) One walker had a substantial wound on his neck on his right side, a female walker had almost her whole lower jaw removed. The others, as best we could tell were 'hero', complete make-up zombies. Now, I wasn't there all day - only about 5 hours. I'm sure the other fans that remained will have more information and pictures.

                                                     My daughter and Mr. Greg Nicotero!

As per Season 4 protocols, we were not able to see any of the filming action. I'm sure photos exist, as a matter of fact I'm absolutely certain of it, as many were sneaking pics while no one was looking! Following our groups local code, I won't be posting any pics that might be labeled as 'spoilers' out of respect for the cast & crew.

There's more on the way, please be patient and as always- I appreciate you taking time to read my blog. Together we can build an appropriate fan base that will encourage filming to remain in our area and not move towards Augusta or Savannah. Please be respectful and do the right thing!

-Deadite Joe

Saturday, July 6, 2013

How crazy TWD fans will absolutely ruin the locations for us all.

I knew it was coming. Well, now it has.

Thanks to some crazy TWD fans who visit certain locations, they're ( property owners) going to start fencing off the areas and not let anyone onto the property. That's right. No more location visits for anyone- thanks to a small percentage of fans. It's happening real soon.

People are breaking into buildings, even stealing items from those buildings (that's Burglary!) and even removing sheet metal from certain locations in the Haralson area as mementos! Actually using tin snips and cutting pieces of metal off of the buildings! Stealing machinery from the mill!

For cripes sake, this kinda stuff needs to stop. I, for one, hopes the property owners act to protect their property and seal it off. Hell, I would! I would let folks onto my property if they respected it, but as soon as some crazy fan decided to steal- I'd lock it down.

There is no reason for this behavior at all! Please, if you come and visit these locations (especially the private property ones), respect the owners and the property!

Someone even stole a piece of machinery to the Esco Mill...that's a functioning feed mill, you idiots!

So a great big "thank you" to those who've burglarized, trespassed and stole from these property owners- you've ruined it for all future fans. Great job, ass-hats.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse"


Here's the scoop, dead-heads: if you've not read Dr. Steven Schlozman's book "The Zombie Autopsies" then you're way behind the curve. Go buy it, read it & get caught up before you're left behind!

Currently, Dr. Schlozman has been working with legendary director George A. Romero in adapting his novel into a screenplay. I continue to follow Dr. Schlozman as he continually lectures on psychology and the living dead all around the world, a lot of times with "World War Z" author, Max Brooks.


Steven Schlozman, M.D., is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and Lecturer in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. He earned his Medical Degree at the Brown-Dartmouth Program in Medicine, and completed his training in general psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital and his Child Psychiatry Residency at the MGH/McLean Program in Child Psychiatry.

The book is an incredible read. It delves into the zombie apocalypse as a viral infection. The descriptions and the narrative are in perfect form for a zombie novel! I really love this book!

If you've not read "The Zombie Autopsies: Secret Notebooks from the Apocalypse" - you need to!

Go get the latest news from the official site at , or follow Dr.Schlozman on Twitter or on Facebook!!