Sunday, August 25, 2013

TWD: Where will it be going? (Possible Spoilers)

As usual, I've been thinking a lot lately about where TWD could be taking us when it begins airing Season 4 in October. There are so many possibilities that a totally accurate prediction is quite improbable.

We do know that a central focus is on Carls decent into a much darker place. It wouldn't surprise me one bit that whoever it is baiting the walkers to the prison by feeding them is Carl himself, in an attempt to force the group to leave the prison. It seems a logical progression as we know that Carl disapproves of Rick's decision to bring the remaining survivors of Woodbury back to the prison.

The addition of new characters will only add to the confusion in the first few episodes as to who the real culprit is. Stookey is probably the one who convinces the group to send a search team to Ft. Benning (if that is even the case). We know that there are some scenes that were shot at Ft. Benning, however these could have been flashbacks. The battle involving the tank will be an interesting one, very flashy. We know that someone (most likely the Governor) drives a large truck through the gates of Woodbury and destroys Woodbury Town Hall- but the exact circumstances are unknown or too sketchy to relay at this point.

Generalities abound as we know that the walkers themselves are more aggressive and a little smarter. The estimated count of actual walkers seen during the Plant Yates shoot runs about 200 make-ups. While the shoot in Turin, I counted about 35-40. Earlier this week, in Senoia, I saw numerous walker make-ups including an armless walker that looked especially cool.   Digital additions are most likely going to be used to increase their numbers. It's about time for the TWD crew to do a "money shot" of thousands of walkers in a single shot. I mean, c'mon!

 There was a fly-over of an old, Huey military chopper directly over the filming location. I find it hard to believe that it could have been anything but a part of the production. I did notice that there was a FLIR unit on the nose and another device as well, which could have been an aerial camera for reverse angle shots as it circled the building. Maybe, maybe not. There was lettering on the tail of the chopper, but even magnification of the photos are unreadable. The side door was open, which could also have been a camera, but it's unclear.

Anyway, I'll post some more as time permits.

Later Gators! - Nash

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Goofing Around Senoia & TWD (8-22-13)

Hi All!

With my crazy schedule lately, I have been neglecting my TWD buddies. So, @picklesandpdots and I decided to run down to where TWD is currently filming. I'm glad I did as I finally got to see my buddies and we just goofed around for a few hours! I mean, we did see a lot of zombies- the best one I saw had both arms torn off. The area where we had chosen to hang out was the best as we could see the large crowd on the opposing street being told to move back. There was only 6 of us over at our viewing location and probably had the best view of the walkers, cast & crew as they went back & forth to Craft Services.

We saw Danai Guirara, Chandler Riggs, Eulyn C.Womble  and a few regular "walker" actors that looked like they were just arriving. We didn't stay but a few hours to check it out and fellowship with our fellow fans.

Something funny did happen, although I do not know if it's related or not. A low flying, old, olice drab green, military Huey helicopter flew a circle around the building where the shooting was taking place. They did one circle and flew away. Maybe it was part of the shoot, maybe it wasn't. Looked like it had a FLIR mounted under the nose, so it could have been the GSP doing marijuana fly overs- it is about that time of year for them to be doing that. Maybe they got curious, I dunno. It does seem kinda odd though.

The large brick building in the background is where filming was taking place.
This is to the right of the last picture, it's Craft Services.
Anyway, we had to leave early and of course, after we left we received word that Chandler Riggs came out and met with the small group! Lol! Well, life gets in the way sometimes ya know!
Alright folks, that's all I'm saying today...except "boots"...drop the 'tude, you ain't all that with them big old legs....LMFAO!
Later Gators

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Update on Current Projects 8/17/13

Hi Everyone!

I've been so busy lately, I've not had the time to blog much. I figured it was the right time to post a short update on what's been taking up most of my time.

Well, I finally scored the Adobe Master Collection CS6, which include After Effects! I've been focusing on learning more about AE, as a majority of my projects tend to lean towards the visual side of things.

I began sorting through my older short stories, scripts & storyboards to see if there was anything that I could develop into a short movie that would take full advantage of After Effects, but it needed to be simple. Most of the things I have written and storyboarded were too complicated for an initial effort, so I began searching for something to adapt to suit a smaller enterprise.

Being a huge H.P. Lovecraft fan, I decided to use his material. So, I started scouring  his writings to find something that met my criteria:

1)- Could be adapted to remain faithful.
2)- Short enough to remain within my capabilities to film/edit/SFX, etc.
3)- Can be completed within an almost non-existent budget.
4)- A Lovecraft story no one else had tried to adapt to film yet.

I found the perfect piece, "The Thing in the Moonlight". Not only does it meet all criteria with absolute perfection, but it's got creatures! A good-old monster story!

I began by creating conceptual artwork for both creatures featured in the short story and have now finalized the designs. Sketches, concepts, notes and re-reading the story about 150 times resulted in many hours of work...but it's fun! I did Tweet a single conceptual creature concept so get a reaction and it was all favorable. Once I have the time to scan them all, I'll post them on a Blog update.

Currently, I am one-half completed with the initial script and have completed story boarding the shots of what has been written thus far. I'm hoping to shoot something that will fall in or around 7-12 minutes long when finished. I will have to cast 2 main characters & their younger selves along with 1 central character. I've actually scouted some locations and will have to contact a man in our area to have access to a turn of the 20th century trolley...but other than that, it's all After Effects. With the exception of two practical creatures that will be crafted.

So, the problem I am having is the same issues that every Lovecraft adaptation has ever had: "How is it possible to interpret his writings into a visual format without destroying the original material or losing it's 'Lovecraftian' tones?".

Well, with this short story, what you read is exactly what you will get...almost. I've crafted a wraparound story that should link the body and ideas of the short story, while keeping it intact. That's really the only way to go with the choice I've made. To simply film what is written would not work- it wouldn't make sense. However, there are mentioned characters who, in an expanded capacity, would provide a common link to the "nightmare" itself. Hopefully, what I've chosen to do with it will translate to the screen. I honestly think it will.

Anyway, that's what I've been up to. It really is just like Troma Team owner Lloyd Kaufman said: "Go Make Your Own Damn Movie!".