Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Value of Freedom.

The greatest things in life are indeed free.
Does anything else really matter in the great picture of our lives? If there is something other than freedom that has a greater impact in our lives, what is it?
Without that basic human right all else cannot be obtained.
The price of freedom is always paid for. You pay for it yourself or someone else pays  for you. Either way,  that debt gets paid.
So, make sure you're square before you use the free services afforded to you.
Know the value of the price paid before you open your mouth.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

TWD cheated, fans shut down & more.

Well, the TWD finale for season 6 sure raised the ire of more than a few fans!

Yes, I was one of them.

That was a 90 minute set up for the biggest chicken shit move they could have done: cheat.

There were at least two deaths filmed for Negans introduction for sure. The probability of a third is high. The three (according to various confirmable sources) were Glenn, Daryl & Eugene. Fair enough.

SOME of the blame goes to a well known TWD spoilers site as to why we got the shaft on who actually was murdered. By releasing the audio, that site brought down the wrath of AMC & they had those guys shut down on FB, the web...hell, EVERYWHERE!!

They deserved it too. Drones, stealth & clandestine deals with someone in the studio... for real. That level of spoiling is damn crazy.

So, TWD cheated us. Instead of knowing that Daryl is murdered - they made it like it is...ambiguous.

Now the exec producers can gauge fan reaction to it & put any character in Negans death slot by season 7 filming!

If it weren't for fans spoiling the production to the level they had, we very well could have had a very different & definitive answer as to who bit the big one.

It should be Daryl.

In all honesty, Scott Gimple, that episode was weak. The build up for Negan took a whole season & to pull a 90 minute snooze fest just to be handed a handful of nothing was a shitty thing to do.

All I know is that Daryl Dixon better die now. Anyone else would further cheat the viewers.

Don't give me a Rosita death or even a Eugene...oh hell no, after this fiasco, I better get a big pay off! You know, like the ones you always say are coming, but never do?

Quit punishing the audience & give us a main character death already.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

"Miskatonic Annex" has expanded!!

Deadite Joe™ also has several other Facebook pages! The "Miskatonic Annex" is about HP Lovecraft, books & Mythos Horror. Click the link below to see!

"Miskatonic Annex : Astronomical Sciences" relays all things space! Click the link below:

"Miskatonic Annex : Medical Department" is dedicated to new medical technology, treatments, public health threats, etc. Click below:

"Miskatonic Annex : Oceanographic Department" deals in sunken cities, strange creatures, mysteries of the deep! know by now...

"Miskatonic Annex - Archeology Department" is about all the weird discoveries, bog men, tombs, lost cities, etc! Click on that link below!

So go on over, like & share! Thanks!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I am back...sort of..

It has been quite a while since I last posted here! Life gets in the way, ya know?
Actually, it became easier to post on Facebook under two separate pages that divide my interests.
Simply search for "Deadite Joe" for all things horror/sci-fi/gore...genre related TV & movies.
Search "Miskatonic Annex" for science, Lovecraft & related topics.
I'll still post here from time to time, but as far as TWD is concerned - I've basically removed myself from its fandom. It became exactly what I said it would become : craziness!
So, if you want daily news, art, stories & giveaways - go to my pages on Facebook!
Take care, people!